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The Signature Canvas by Penny

Your Story, Told Through Signatures;
The Wedding Guest Book On Your Wall

Increasingly, soon-to-be-married couples want to give their guests unique experiences filled with surprises and delights on their wedding day. Wedding couples also want to continue to embrace time-honoured traditions, like having a guest book, but with a modern twist that enables their guests to embrace another experience whilst gaining a timeless keepsake.

Most couples who choose a simple guest book find that doesn't reflect their personality or style and often find that the traditional guest book doesn't even get written in, as guests are at a loss as to what to write. In other words, couples buy guest books because they feel they have no other option. However, if you're looking for something a little different, more unique, an experience that’s fun for your wedding guests that helps you to remember exactly who was at your celebration, check out this unique idea; an alternative wedding guest book; The Wedding Signature Canvas enables guests, to not only partake in but also observe the art as it takes shape and evolves throughout your day or twilight wedding.

Wedding guest books are a tradition that dates back centuries. While the guest book itself has evolved, the purpose has remained the same: to provide a wonderful record of the guests who have attended the wedding and for them to share happy messages of love and congratulations. So why not look for a more modern, alternative guest book, a wedding guest signature canvas?

Now couples are no longer limited to the traditional paper page-filled wedding guest book, you know, the ones with page after page of lined or blank sheets. 

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Creating Personal Works of Art during Your Wedding Created by Penny

Today, working with me, Penny, a professional artist, you can create an alternative guest book that is truly unique and representative of your personality, enabling you to own a unique memento of modern art from your wedding day. You can incorporate an alternative guest Signature Canvas experience that your guests contribute on your wedding day. An experience that your guests will love creating during your wedding. Creating the Signature Canvas as a group results in a beautiful, dynamic, fun-filled environment. Signing the Signature Canvas means everyone attending the wedding feels special, as they are part of a collective team creating a unique artwork for the couple on their wedding day.

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An Alternative Guest Book

Instead of a guest book, have guests ‘sign’ an alternative guest book - a painting. Depending on your theme, which can be a variety of things, guests can add handpainted motifs like flowers or butterflies, their signatures, or even add their thumbprints; the list is endless.

Penny can guide your choice of hand-painted canvas; you can tell her what you would like, or the canvas can be a free expression that is more abstract. The Signature canvas is a truly personalised commission created by the guests, with Penny’s help, for you to keep for ever.

Penny asked the wedding guests, ‘Why are several of you painting clocks?’ The guests answered, ‘Because the bride is always late!!’

After your wedding breakfast, Penny takes the signed canvas away to add the finishing touches. She then delivers the one-of-a-kind painting that can fondly hang in your home forever, taking you back to your special wedding day, when guests enjoyed adding their signature or motif to your painting whilst you spent the time having your couple shots.

If you're looking for something different for your wedding or event, check out this unique alternative guest book idea that lets you and your guests add a personal touch to a live canvas.

The Wedding Signature Canvas is a unique guest entertainment and a great creative option for a guest book. The Signature Canvas enables guests to create an alternative guest book for your chosen wall. A bespoke piece of artwork you want to hang in your home for years to come, unlike the traditional guestbook that might end up in a draw or worst-case scenario in the attic.

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Your guests will turn a pre-painted canvas into your alternative guest book, which will keep the memories living forever. It will be an heirloom that will tell the story of your wedding day and give you joy to see every day on your wall. A guest book is a special way to remember your wedding day and everyone who celebrated with you. Choose an experience that is unique and that you'll enjoy looking back on, enjoy and cherish for years to come.

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